Rammedeler SDG Thrice 31 Lock-on Håndtak S310 199 kr

SDG Thrice 31 Lock-on Håndtak

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199 kr
God og komfortabel holke Myk gummi i to forskjellige hardheter og skikkelig mønster for godt grep 31mm tykkelse Lock-on feste for maksimal sikkerhet, aldri mere gasshåndtak. Finn din favorittfarge
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The Thrice grip borrows the same integrated 1 piece clamp and tapered core as our proven Slater grips, which keep both the weight and price down. It’s packed full of technical features and a soft gel compound to ensure complete bar control and ultimate comfort. First, we utilized a half mushroom profile for palm comfort. Next, we added our proven circular icon dampeners to disperse shock and vibrations. And finally, we incorporated our ramped and undercut saddle icon to aid in finger traction, which reduces any hand slippage in the toughest conditions. The Thrice has an ovalized shape and is offered in two different diameters to ensure the right fit for your hands.
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